Corporate Workshops and Retreats

Strive for Excellence. Develop your talents. Improve your organization’s performance.

In addition to coaching individuals and teams, I also offer workshops to groups or individuals who want to learn more about how to put their Talents to work and turn them into Strengths.

These are quarterly workshops for individuals who aren’t ready to invest in a coach for themselves. I also put on similar workshops for groups and organizations who want a workshop for their members.

My Workshops have a different focus than the Team Coaching, where I regularly work with businesses and non-profit organizations. These targeted workshops are focused on each attendees’ personal results and not on how to apply Strengths to teams.

In these full-day sessions, we explore the background of CliftonStrengths, dive into each attendee’s results and do a full debrief. These are interactive sessions and you’ll work individually, with partners and in a group to Name, Claim and Aim your Strengths!

Sample Agenda

  • Self-Awareness & Aspirations
    • Self-awareness: How you view yourself, how your friends might describe you, what comes naturally to you
    • Aspirations: What is the most important thing in your life right now? Where do you want to be in 10 years? What do you want to get out of the workshop?
  • Understanding the Strengths Profile
    • Introduction to your Top Five Themes
    • Your Top Five Talents in Action
    • Sorting Your Talents: Beyond the Top Five & Understanding the Full 34
  • Awareness & Appreciation of Talents
    • We dive into your dominant themes
    • Identify the elements in each theme that describe you best
    • Discuss the unique power and edge that these themes give you
  • Investing in Your Talents
    • Name It! Claim It! Aim It!
    • Principles and Strategies for Developing Strengths
    • Your Individual Development Plan

Tor those who want to take their Strengths further, I host an optional mastermind group (6 weekly, 1-hour sessions) to help provide ongoing accountability for what you learn!

Name Claim and Aim Your Strengths Chris Gossard Seattle Executive Coach

Register for an Upcoming Strengths Workshop

Contact me today at 206-393-2392 or via email to to check dates of my next CliftonStrengths 34 workshop or to book your own corporate team retreat. Individuals and teams will leave energized, engaged and ready to take on the world.

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