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One of the questions I receive on a regular basis is around the books I’m reading. Here are a few of my all-time favorite resources. — Chris

I will continue to add to this resource library, which currently includes an aggregation of some of the best resources on the web for leadership, connections, personal and career development.

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Intelligent Leadership

Intelligent Leadership, a concept introduced by John Mattone, provides an excellent introductory perspective on why emerging leaders focus their energy through their beliefs, ingrained thinking patterns and emotions.

As a trained Intelligent Leadership coach, I’ve learned that we can each develop our tendencies into a unique and effective leadership style.

Learn more about Intelligent Leadership and how to leverage these principles in your daily life.

Career Development

Creating a life that you love starts in the home, but it extends through your daily career life as a leader. Understanding the growth opportunities and potentials that are around you can be a challenge. These career development resources helped guide me throughout my senior leadership roles.

  • Lots of Career development resources here

Leadership and Team Building

Continual reading and study is an integral part of our growth as leaders. It’s tough to find time to devote to reading an entire book in a short period of time. These are just a few of the books that have been fundamental to my leadership development journey.

  • Good to Great
  • Other great resources here