It’s important to me that you feel comfortable sharing the ideas and information that you find on my site. Please follow the below guidelines and contact me directly if you have any questions.

Without my permission, you may:

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  • Create and re-post an extract of 200 words or less, with the understanding that you always include a link to the original blog post or page on my website. See my note below on re-posting for specifics around this topic.
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When you publish duplicate content, Google penalizes both websites where the content is found. For this reason alone, I do not allow exact re-posting of my content at this time. If you wish to share content that I originated, here’s how we can expand the message to both of our audiences:

  • Create an excerpt of 200 words or less
  • Add an introduction in your own words
  • At the end of the article, add a link to the original article
  • Finish your post with a personalized wrap-up



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