Individual Coaching

You’re a high achiever with a track record of success — doing more of what you’re currently doing isn’t going to lead to that next level of success or beyond. I can change that.  – Chris

High-Achieving Individuals

Have you ever truly focused on what makes you powerful and unique, or are you more likely to try to “fix” a perceived shortcoming?

When you uncover your strengths, the insights that you receive will impact the rest of your life. You will find yourself analyzing the way you build relationships, think strategically, execute plans and influence others to accomplish goals.

You’ll gain confidence and a renewed passion for expanding your reach and making a difference in the world. I add a layer of interpretation and accountability, while you bring your passion and dedication for continual improvement.

Invest in yourself today and you will spend a lifetime reaping the rewards!

Proactive HR Professionals

Individual executive coaching is so beneficial that organizations across the world spend nearly $2 billion each year supporting their executive leaders. Driving employee engagement. Creating better performers.

Rising executives are a crucial component of your performance strategy. People who are exceptional at their jobs and yet still have the capacity for more. Individuals who are ready and willing to become the coach who leads their teams to true greatness.

If you are an HR professional and have someone who is always pushing to excel and shows unprecedented promise, let’s work together to help them become the best leaders that they can be.

Are you ready to take control and blast through your mental barriers?

My passion is working with individuals who are deeply committed to growth and already in positions of leadership — looking to create defining moments in their lives. Professionals who are proactive, dedicated, curious and engaged.

My coaching contracts are never “per session”, and generally extend at least six months — and quite often a year or more.

I look forward to connecting! — Chris

Chris Gossard Consulting - Seattle

If you are serious about creating something truly extraordinary in your life and business, connect with me today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.