Prepare to be challenged. To question your status quo.
To dig deep and find mental fortitude that you didn't know existed.

Mental Toughness

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I learned to trust my instincts and was able to make a very difficult career decision because of being coached by Chris. Chris has very good business acumen and is a coach who will challenge you to follow through on your thoughts! – H.H Sales Vice President, Phoenix AZ

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Building Your Leadership Potential: Courage of a Champion

This is the first article in our series entitled: Building Your Leadership Potential Having the emotional fortitude to make courageous decisions can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Making bold decisions requires a deep personal strength over time as well as the ability to appropriately express your thoughts and emotions. When your team…

Why Aren’t I Getting Promoted?

Today’s world is an all-out battleground for customers and you know you have what it takes to create a competitive advantage for your business — so why aren’t you able to take that next step in your career? There may be an unidentified “something” that’s holding you back from greatness. Just as you’ve tackled every…

Leadership Development is the Smartest Investment You Can Make

Seeing the value of others is a trait shared by exceptional leaders in all business units. Seeing the potential in others means also seeing the not-so-great parts — where people need support to achieve their career goals. Even the most promising future leaders can be let down by a lack of insight into their strengths.…